Mack for Memorial Day 2011

Yes, I KNOW it’s almost Memorial Day 2011 – BUT…I still get inquires about Mackintosh Toffee.  It seems to go something like this:  Where is it?  Where can I buy it?  Where is the “slab” or “bar” style?   Or simply, “…I need Mack Toffee for my favorite recipe…”  Good Grief!  These are serious mackintosh toffee issues.  At least for these folks.

Summertime is Mackintosh Toffee Time!

O.K. I admit that I don’t enjoy turning the oven on during a hot summer day. But the culinary payoff is a toffee laced cookie.  Toffee cookies are high up on my list of delightful things…It’s #2 right below Chocolate Chip cookies.  When they are still warm from the oven, I just can’t say “NO” – I just put that cold beer down, walk over to my favorite green plastic lawn chair and kick back and enjoy.  Maybe toffee and chocolate are Kissing Cousins – but they certainly get along with each other.  Unlike me and my mother-in-law…but that’s another issue for another day.

And just one more thing…why is it that Mack Toffee, Mackintosh Toffee and Macintosh Toffee are all spelled differently, but most people either don’t care – perhaps they just can’t spell.  I admit that’s a small point, but come-on, I’m talking about Mackintosh Toffee not a computer product made by Apple, Inc.  Johnny Appleseed may not approve, but if you want to find Mackintosh Toffee Piecesindividually wrapped in a 170gram bag – then use this link.  Enjoy some time at the beach with your bag of Mack Toffee!

Time To Hit The Beach...

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