Mackintosh Toffee Grams To Ounces

Well, you have reached the point where you have a great recipe, you are in a Holiday baking mood and you have a lot of friends and family who actually appreciate your culinary skills.  Now what.

Remember biting into a warm or soft toffee flavored cookies right from the oven when you were a kid?  Now that you’re all grown up – now it’s YOUR turn to make the “magic” happen in your kitchen!  It’s almost time for your first (and hopefully last…) lesson in Candy Math.  Start with Step 1 – converting from grams to ounces, which can also be described as going from “slabs or bars” to pieces.  Complicated?  Not really.  Just read on…

Mack Toffee was sold for a very long time in a traditional “slab” or “flat bar” format. But those days are long gone.  Some folks say that there was a fire at the Nestle factory, others fear that Toffee Terrorists were at fault.  Believe whatever urban legend you want, but YOU still have to solve the riddle of toffee weights & measures to be the Hero in the kitchen.

Forget the days when you would freeze your Mackintosh Toffee slabs or bars, then smack them hard against the kitchen countertop to make a “bazillion” pieces.  Just let the past go…it’s time to move on…

Mackintosh Toffee – The Way It Used To Be

So, dig out your bags of Mackintosh Toffee pieces and let’s get to work.  Those brightly colored 170 gram bags  packages contain about 20 individually wrapped pieces.  Why not unwrap a few pieces and calm down as you follow your recipe!  Like they say:  “…It’s Good To Be The Cook…”

Get ready, my Metric Math lesson is almost upon YOU…We basically have to go from grams to ounces.  Ready? Get set, Go!  Everything you need to solve your culinary equation can be found on the back of the Mack Toffee bag …and just how many Mack Toffee pieces are in an ounce?  O.K. – just peek at the backside (whoa…no that backside…) – I am now referring to the back of the Mackintosh Toffee bag…)

Look in the lower right corner of the traditional “slab” style of Mackintosh Toffee Bar and you can see that the weight was 56 grams [ and now you have to know 1 gram = 0.0352739619 ounces ]  Therefore, a 56 gram bar (or slab) of Mackintosh Toffee has a total weight of 1.975 ounces.  The Nestle 170 gram bag (individually wrapped toffee pieces) contains a total of 5.9966 ounces – so just round that number up to 6 ounces…still with me?  I hope so!

Mackintosh Toffee pieces in 170 gram bags

Information on the back of the bag indicates that 5 individually wrapped pieces = 40 grams, and 40 grams equals 1.4 ounces.  Now divide that number by 5 to get the weight of each wrapped piece of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee.  You should now have the number 0.28…So round that up to a nice even 0.3 ounces – Voila! Almost done!

So chew on this…so to speak…if each individually wrapped piece = 0.3 ounces – and your recipe calls for 1 bar (of the old style bar product) – just use 6.5 to 7 wrapped pieces to get the same weight.  But depending on the actual recipe you are using – you might have to use more (or less…).  You can use a simple ratio or proportion to get whatever your recipe calls for…Questions?  Comments?  Still struggling?  Just add your comment and we can take it from there.

That’s it!  Equation solved!  Now take a deep breath.  Relax – You didn’t have to get up in front of the class and write on the blackboard…Now that you are on a roll – you might want to try this recipe!

Mackintosh Toffee Tarts

Use either frozen mini tart shells, or make your own mini shortbread tart shells. Bake and let cool.  Melt together 6 Macintosh toffee bars and ½ cup evaporated milk.  I do this in the microwave.  Once it is heated and smooth, just stir until it is smooth.  Then pour into the cooled shells.  You don’t need to fill the shells right up – the toffee mix goes a long way.


Use whipping cream instead of evaporated milk.   If you want your toffee to be less sticky, use ¾ cup of the milk. You can also drizzle chocolate over the tarts.  Wow!  Tasty and easy.  What’s not to like.

However, if you have other toffee recipes that you want to try, we suggest you consider buying bags of individually wrapped pieces of Mackintosh Toffee.  These colorful 170 gram bags are filled with about 20 individually wrapped pieces and, with a review of the Candy Metric Math lesson described above, you can easily convert grams to “ounces” for your favorite recipe.  Let the baking begin!

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One Response to Mackintosh Toffee Grams To Ounces

  1. Marcia M says:

    Thanks for the timely tip – I found a great recipe but could not figure out how to convert the grams so I could make the toffee cookies for the grandkids. Your article was a life saver! I have no idea why there are so many OLD recipes still floating around – why can’t someone convert the measurement units and re-publish them…anyway, just my 2 cents worth!

    Cooking in Caribou, Maine

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