Mackintosh Toffee Fans Need To Know…Now!

"New School" Bag Style

"New School" Bag Style

It seems that many people on the web are in search of “toffee knowledge” or perhaps just a Higher Existence!  Nestle Mackintosh Toffee fans are their name and toffee recipes are their game!  What the heck is going on in YOUR kitchen?

"Old School" Mack Toffee

"Old School" Mack Toffee

From grams to ounces, from bars to pieces, to what is the weight, from bags to bars (and back again…) – a lot of questions have been pouring in regarding Nestle Mackintosh Toffee – also known to Canadian toffee fans as “Mack Toffee”.   Just take a gander at this search queries & questions that showed up this week:

macintosh toffee
macintosh toffee bags to bars
macintosh toffee bar
macintosh toffee bar grams
macintosh toffee bar size in ounces
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macintosh toffee bars weight
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macintosh toffee canada recipe coconut and corn flakes
macintosh toffee in Canada
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mack toffee pieces equivalent to 1 bar
mackintosh toffee bar
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how many grams in a macintosh toffee bar
where to buy macintosh toffee

We have all (if not most…) of the answers to all of your Mackintosh Toffee questions:

170gram bags
1 gram = 0.0352739619 ounces
6 or 7 pieces
Right Here!

Unfortunately, it’s up to you to match the correct answer to the applicable question…Still have a question or two?  Need to know more?  Looking for a reliable source of Mackintosh Toffee?  Need to get it delivered promptly, cheaply, or need your toffee delivered on a Saturday morning?  Having problems coping with Cookie Exchanges during the Holidays?  Always wanted to bake a batch of toffee flavored cookies using Granny’s time-tested recipe but you don’t know how to convert from grams to ounces?  Don’t have a copy of Granny’s recipes?

Then try one of these toffee recipes…You would have found them eventually:

Mackintosh Mack Toffee Brownies
Mackintosh Mack Toffee Squares
Mackintosh Mack Toffee  Marshmallow Puffs

We suggest you order a bag (or two, or three, or four…) of Nestle Mackintosh Toffee pieces.  New shape.  New packaging.  Same flavor, texture and consistency.  Not too hard – Not too soft – Just Right!  Open a piece and chew up a storm of Canadian toffee flavor!

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7 Responses to Mackintosh Toffee Fans Need To Know…Now!

  1. alison schindler says:

    I was sadly DISAPPOINTED when recently, on a trip back to beloved Canada! I thought I was going to purchase a case of Mack toffee bars. I did buy a couple bags of the “new” bag toffee, however I was DISAPPOINTED again! It is terrible AND nothing like the bars I remember for so many years savoring and enjoying on my vacations to Canada. Please bring back the “old” bars! Even if it is just once a year on holidays…(idea people)!!

    • Susan says:

      PLLEEAASSEEE!!! This trying to figure out how many pieces equals one of those bars is ffrruusstttrraaatiing!!!

  2. dan rogers says:

    it’s not the same texture or consistency. And it actually tastes different too.
    It’s soft and tastes… powdery… very weak.

  3. steve says:

    The bagged stuff is nothing like the bar.. I don’t buy them…I used to by the bars consistently. Horrible nestle replacement for a canadian tradition. Totally not impressed!

  4. Susan says:

    Just unwrapped 4 bags of Toffee “pieces”. Not impressed. How about selling the bars in the baking section. NOT in boxes. Just in one single wrap. Not a waste of paper / cardboard and way easier for the baker. Hell, I’d even do a demo in a grocery store to prove they’d sell better.

  5. Janis says:

    The individually wrapped Mack toffee is nasty and waxy tasting. The bar is far superior. Please, please, please bring back the bar!

  6. Susan says:

    I found the bars this last Christmas! YYYYAAAHHHHH!! I bought every box they had in the store. LOL

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