MackIntosh Toffee Attack

Have a Big Mac Attack lately? How about a Little Mack Attack?  To be more exact: that would be MackIntosh Toffee Attack (aka Mack Toffee…).  If you are a serious toffee hound, then you know just how hard it has been in the last year or so to find the MackIntosh toffee in either the traditional block / bar / slab style.  Good Grief!  Urban legends are made of this stuff.  No, not toffee – but rumors, innuendo, bad facts and errors of all kinds…MackIntosh Toffee Pieces from our web store

O.K. – sit down and take a coffee break, or candy break, or whatever!  Our contacts in the Nestle Marketing Department in Ontario, Canada have confirmed that the traditional MackIntosh Toffee Bar can be filed under “Long Gone”…So let it go!

However, don’t panic!  What YOU can do is consider Plan “B” – Mackintosh Toffee pieces that are individually wrapped and sold in 170 gram bags – that would be about a 6 ounce bag for all of you metrically challenged folks out there.  Works out to about 20+ pieces per bag.  Should be enough to get you through a long day at work, sustain you in the library working on those Calculus problems or keep your blood sugar levels up while you are sitting around the Student Center watching the girls walk by.  In my case, it was usually watching the girls say “Bye-Bye” – but that’s another story for another day…

We believe that our 4 Pack of Mackintosh Toffee pieces or 8 Pack of Mackintosh Toffee pieces will work out for you.  Enough to get along on your own – or if you want to be the “Big Man On Campus” – then our 4 item pre-pack can be passed around and you can still expect to get a few pieces back for later.  Nothing worse that trying to be generous and getting bit on the ass.  As my mother used to tell me: “…The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions…”

Added Bonus:  if you are into the culinary scene, you can toss a bag of MackIntosh Toffee into your freezer for a few hours, take it out and put a few on the kitchen counter, then beat the “Be-Jesus” out of them to make smaller toffee bits – feel free to toss a few of the toffee pieces into your favorite cookie recipe.  We think that toffee flavor tastes great in almost any cookie.

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